Imedusa I+D+i

We are constantly DEVELOPING and in continuous INNOVATION

Since 2010, Imedusa has created its R&D Department within the Technical Office focused on machining precision parts and currently in ultra-precision parts. This is because Imedusa begins to make not only mechanical assemblies or standard parts, customers ask for parts that go directly into the cars mount, satellites, aircraft engines... which requires extreme quality PPM as a delivery time and it has us exposed to traceability and constant commitment to the product. For this jobs Imedusa has 4 persons, who are in continuous training, with highest level software, machinery and technologies.

Investment in R&D

€ 1.5 million
in 3 years
guaranteeing growthen value added pieces

IMEDUSA is a specialist in
machining alloys of metals
with high cost
and high degree of hardness
for sectors like
Machine tool,
Automotive, Aerospace...

Investment in R&D

aims to gain weight in Aeronautics,Aerospace andAutomotive

We are specialistsin ultra-precisionmachining on special materials